PUPDATE: 12 Feb 2018


We’ve received new pics of Sprocket (here) looking very bedraggled - or should that be befraggled? ;) - fluff ball Ellie (here) and, from our original litter, the incomparable Dexter (here). Thank you all for your submissions. Please, other beneficiaries, send us your updates and pics/vides etc.


In other news Unnsa’s been out and about, exploring the vicinity, sometimes with Mum, Sephie, other times venturing forth solo (not to be confused with the forthcoming Star Wars story ;)


She’s been a popular attraction to passers-by, as I imagine are most puppies, and ensnared the hearts (it being Valentine’s season) of all her admirers. Take that Cupid - this girl knows how to woo(f).


New pics and some videos have been added to Unnsa’s page here.


Seph and Unnsa have been engaging in all manner of games including ‘chase’, hide ’n’ seek, tug-o-war, and fetch.


Unnsa’s training in ‘paw’ is still very sweetly delivered. She seems initially somewhat hesitant and very softly places her very soft paw in your hands - in contrast to Seph who kind of taps you in a ‘low-five’ manner ;)


Both still delight in ‘sneaking’ a munch at the others’ food. Unnsa makes play of this, helping herself to Seph’s food bowl and then skedaddling away to crunch away at it, usually behind a chair, as if it’s a mischievous endeavour.



Ubhalo is a family-focused creative home that occasionally produces a litter of Catalan Sheepdog puppies from a much-loved dam, Sephie. We are not large commercial or kennel-based breeders; we aim to keep small and create a safe and nurturing environment for the developing puppies. We have created this website so that the people who want to have a Catalan of their own can start to form a bond with their puppy and follow its development. In turn, we hope that the socialisation will continue when the puppy leaves us and that we can follow its progress in these pages as well.  


Moire is the main carer in a family with two secondary school-aged boys and she has a background in publishing that often involved exacting standards and lengthy elastic hours. This was a good apprenticeship for puppy-rearing, needing abundant patience and good humour. Raising Sephie was a learning curve for us and richly rewarding – having multiple pups is constant entertainment! Rob is an IT guy who delights in finding phone apps that enhance his time with Sephie, like tracking and analysing their walks. The boys teach Seph cool moves and we all love our daily cuddles.


We aim to spoil those who take home one of our puppies. We want you to treasure them and help promote a healthy, secure future for the breed. As much as we can, we shall aim to ensure that you will home the puppy in good faith, according to the KC Code of Ethics. You can be confident that we uphold and exceed our status as Assured Breeders. Furthermore, we shall pass on the advice that we get from our mentors and from our ongoing experiences.



Here at Ubhalo we have obtained recognition from the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme so that you know that we’re good people who care for our animals and their environment.


Our reason for having puppies was that we so very much love our Catalan Sheepdog, Persephone (Seph for short) and as she is such a loving, intelligent and loyal member of the family we wanted to provide that experience to others. The Catalan Sheepdog is quite a rare breed in this country so we elected to do our part to ensure there are more of them here. Additionally we thought it would be a fantastic experience to share with our family.


To find out more about Seph, her origins and her litters please select from the links above.



We are located in a very scenic and reknowned part of Norwich near Norwich Cathedral.


There are many green areas and/or entertaining walks in the vicinity and the area has a good sized dog population with which to socialise.


Being in the heart of the city means that the pups are aware of all manner of noise and disturbance.


We can be contacted via the following:


Email: enquiries@ubhalo.com





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